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What would help your business sell more effectively?

A better sales process and pipeline? Automated reminders? More efficient stock management and distribution? Better logistics?

We can build custom software to help with any aspect of your sales processes.

Let’s share a few examples of similar work we’ve done before.

A comprehensive shopping experience for digital downloads

We worked with James at Spitfire Audio to create a core platform for his fast-growing company. They sell virtual instrument sample libraries, a digitally-delivered product.

Spitfire Audio started out with a piecemeal set-up of off-the-shelf software. But they wanted their customers to have a consistent, professional experience. And ensure effective delivery of the digital download.

So we built an e-commerce website and digital downloads app for their requirements. Coupled with financial and marketing integrations to help run the business effectively.

As a result, we’ve removed any barriers for customers.

Spitfire Audio can now distribute safe, compressed files at minimal download speeds. A fast installation process means customers can start composing allegro - without losing their creative inspiration!

The shopping cart can cope with complex combinations of discount codes and cross-promotions. This ensures the customer always gets the best price. Plus we’ve integrated the checkout process with familiar payment methods.

Read more about our work with James in more detail.

Proposals out of the door in minutes

We made it easier for Miranda to jump on hot leads for her lift maintenance and servicing firm, HiWire.

Every time a potential client requested a proposal, the paperwork took her an hour to create. Creating six contracts could take a day’s work and would soon build into a backlog. Servicing also generated new ideas for work, but these often remained hidden in lengthy reports.

We created functionality to allow Miranda to generate the paperwork in minutes. Six contracts went from a day’s work down to six minutes. But most importantly, the new client gets great customer service and can make a fast decision.

We also simplified the servicing reports to draw attention to actionable items. This resulted in more work from existing customers - and safer lifts!

All these features generate more income for the business in the process. A clear return on the investment in their custom software.

Read about our work with Miranda in more detail.

Trade sales made easy

We made it easier for James at H&B Supplies to secure repeat trade as a wholesale perfume and skincare distributor.

We created a B2B brochure site, available in many languages for their wide customer base. It's simple for buyers to create trade accounts, log in to view the latest stock and prices, and place orders.

Buyers can also download price lists and set up automated feeds into their own software.

This frictionless sales process ensures repeat custom.

Plus other development around inventory management helps speed up warehouse turnaround times. Thus providing great customer service and delivery timescales.

The full package.

Read more about our work with James in detail.

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