Our Core Values

At Switchplane, our core values are behind everything we do.

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Our core values guide our everyday decision-making; the way we build our business, interact with others, and develop and grow our team.

Many of our values stem from innate personal qualities, nurtured within the team since its inception in 2003. Others are closely linked with our processes, namely the Agile methodology. The values have been fine-tuned and developed over the years with input from the team.

We refer to our core values when making a new hire, when we’re deciding on client fit, and when we’re making strategic decisions for our company. If something doesn’t sit right with us, it’s usually because it doesn’t align with our values.

We stick to three core values, each supported by three key principles.

Athlete’s Mindset

  • Keep everything as simple as possible
  • Actively seek feedback and act upon it quickly to improve
  • Relentlessly focus on eliminating weaknesses and improving strengths

Pragmatic Optimism

  • Always act in good faith, with honesty, openness, and accountability
  • Find the joy in the discovery
  • Be bold in taking calculated risks

Do It Together

  • Be loyal to the team, to clients, and to suppliers
  • Always strive to achieve without harming others or the planet, and celebrate everyone’s success
  • Treat our customers as partners, be part of their team, and grow together

If you’re thinking of joining our team or working with us, how do our values resonate with you? Ask yourself what your values are. Will we be a good match?


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