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A Big List of everything we've ever built

Not sure if we can do something? Chances are, we’ve already done it.

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One of the most common questions we hear is, “can you build such-and-such a thing”?

Our usual answer is, “anything is possible”...which it almost always is. We do love a challenge!

But we thought it might be useful to publish a list of all the stuff we’ve ever built.

Brace yourself…

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android, both public-facing and for internal use, including:
    • Push notifications
    • GPS tracking
    • Offline mode
    • Workflows to tie in with web-based software, i.e. pocket versions for a mobile workforce
    • Photo and document upload
    • Integrations with maps
    • Integrations with external decision trees, e.g. for health screening
    • Barcode and QR code scanning
    • Localised file storage
    • Search functionality
    • Signature panels
    • “Time-on-job” tracking
    • Note recording
    • Audit logging
    • Error logging
    • Federated and Single Sign On
  • Integrations and APIs with, among others:
    • Numerous financial accounting systems including Xero, Kashflow, SUN Systems, Quickbooks, Exchequer
    • Other third party software including Google, Government data sources, ViaPost, global VAT rate providers, exchange rate APIs, 3CX, Paxton, postcode and map services, news and weather forecasting services, Slack, printers, and other software projects
    • Marketing platforms such as Meta, Twitter, Customer.io, Mailchimp, Drip, and Ometria
    • E-commerce payment gateways and services like Opayo (formerly SagePay or Protx), PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Klarna, ClearPay, AfterPay, SmartDebit, and Bankline
  • HR and people management systems, including:
    • Absence management
    • Holiday requests, approvals, schedule
    • Upcoming training request management, schedule, and approval queues
    • Team training overviews, to see all staff expertise
    • Document and certification management with monitoring of expiry dates
    • Mood checker
    • Birthday calendar
    • Secure file storage
  • Communications tools, including:
    • Company news dashboards
    • Message boards
    • Polls
    • Feedback gathering
    • Team advice sourcing
    • Notifications
    • Workflow queues
    • Job notes
    • Automated emails
    • Integrated email sending and receiving
  • Finance team tools, including:
    • Import of supplier price lists
    • Purchase order generation and management
    • Search of previous purchase orders
    • Automated allocation of invoices against purchase orders using OCR tools
    • Approvals queues for purchase orders and invoices
    • Expenses submission, review and management
    • Timesheet review and management
    • Finance overview dashboards
    • Payroll management
    • Debtor management, including aged debtors
    • Direct debit set up
    • Repeat payment management
    • End-of-day processes and XML feeds to import into financial accounting packages
    • Management accounts
    • Profit and loss reports
    • Sales reports
    • Refund reports
    • Settlement journals for cash received
    • Application of global VAT rates to ensure correct VAT charged
    • Validation of VAT numbers on B2B transactions
    • Accurate calculation of currency conversions using exchange rates at time of purchase
    • Exports for auditing purposes
    • Handling of discount codes and gift vouchers
    • Management of company-wide price rises
    • Price list exports
    • Procurement request queues
    • Billing queues
    • Automated sales ledger
  • Job management tools, including:
    • Scheduling of jobs with complex algorithms to take into account efficiency of location and job type
    • Staff timesheets and management timesheet approval queues
    • Health and safety forms, HAVS forms with automated assessments
    • Daily allocation forms
    • Observation cards
    • Contract generation
    • Signature panels to sign off work
    • Overview dashboards, workflow queues, approval queues for overall job management
    • Vehicle check forms
    • Management of sites, tools, plant, equipment, customers, people as unique and interrelating entities
    • Photo and document upload
    • Generation of PDF job confirmations and report documentation
    • Customer, site and staff location maps using postcodes, latitude and longitude, and GPS locations
  • E-commerce tools, including:
    • Integration of payment gateways
    • Ability to take payments online
    • Ability to charge against a credit card “on file” in a secure manner
    • Distribution of large-scale digital downloads
    • Discount codes
    • Automatic recognition of upgrade and crossgrade purchases
  • Sales and marketing tools, including:
    • Lead management
    • Sales person reports
    • Automated reminders
    • Reporting dashboards
    • Integrations into third-party software
    • Mailout software
  • Plus many, many other features, including:
    • Customer portals allowing payments, review, update, editing of data
    • User management, with granular permissions to allow people to see exactly what they need to see to do their job
    • CRM systems for management of customers and suppliers
    • Stock control and full warehouse inventory management
    • Item inventory and management
    • Application of a range of AWS tools including ECS2, S3, Aurora, RDS, Lambda, SNS, Connect, CloudWatch, Shield, CloudFront, Cognito
    • Single Sign On using Facebook, Google, and Apple credentials
    • Data dashboards to define next actions
    • Watermarking of files
    • Design work, and implementation of in-house and third party design work
    • Creation of brand guidelines
    • Company calendars for jobs, staff holiday, staff training, absences
    • Automated scripts
    • Web-based telephone system with rules on who to ring first, voicemail, notifications to Slack, reporting to software platform
    • Decision-trees
    • GDPR compliance tools
    • Secure storage of sensitive documents
    • Two-factor and multi-factor authentication
    • Embedded iFrames with secure token validation
    • Customer and staff onboarding tours
    • Implementation of multi-language translations
    • Point-to-point distance and route calculation
    • Location-based geofencing
    • Drag-and-drop functionality
    • Column sorting
    • Filtering
    • Visitor entry systems

... phew!

We’ve been going since 2003, so some things will no doubt have slipped our minds. But it’s a good representation of the types of work we have done and can do.

If you’ve got something you think we can help with, then please get in touch.


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