Do you work with SMEs regularly? Then join our Referral Programme!

So we can give you a proper 'thank you'.

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We’ve identified that the majority of our business comes from referrals. To make sure we provide those referring to us with a proper ‘thank you’, we have a referral programme in place.

What does the referral programme involve?

If you’ve signed up to our referral programme, you’ll receive 5% commission from any work that is successfully recommended to us for 12 months.

Simply keep an eye out for our ideal clients during your day-to-day business and let us know if you have a suitable referral for us.

We’ll send you semi-regular communications on what we’re looking for. Plus we’ll invite you to our referral programme events.

What does an ideal Switchplane client look like?

Switchplane saves businesses time by building custom software for them. We build digital services that create meaningful change for the people we work with.

We have two types of ideal customers:


  • A tech lead, CTO, Head of Digital, or CIO within an organisation
  • Likely to be in insurance or ecommerce industries
  • Likely to sell internationally, or be about to start doing so

In this case, Switchplane is their outsourced dev team. We can help their business grow as they don’t have the internal capacity themselves. We have the devs and the experience to support them.


  • The Director, MD, or CEO within an organisation
  • Likely to be in more traditional industries such as construction and manufacturing
  • Likely to have a lot of competition and want to free up Director time

This person will be looking to delegate to software so they can get their time back to focus on what matters most. Switchplane will build that software for them.

In both cases, clients typically partner with us over the long term spending ~£5k+VAT per month.

Common complaints before starting to work with us include:

  • Complex processes
  • A lot of manual processes
  • Working in a growing or niche sector
  • Turning away work
  • Losing control of spreadsheets
  • Legacy or inefficient processes affecting the ability to scale up
  • Different pieces of software not communicating with one another
  • Poor access to data and reporting for business decisions

Any of these could be a trigger point for an initial conversation with Switchplane.

Interested? Then get involved and start earning your referral money!

Get in touch with Carrie ( to sign up to the programme.

Then just let us know if you come across anyone who might be suitable to work with us, and we'll take it from there.


Switchplane partners with businesses and organisations across the UK to bring about meaningful change. Want to know a bit more how our custom software can help?

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